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Suman Mukherjee is a traditional practitioner of Vedic Sciences. He commands authority on Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Vastu, Numerology etc. He received title of Jyotish Visharad and Jyotish Acharya from esteemed institutions of India. He has clients in Australia, Europe, Asia and the American continent.

In addition to being into the mystical world & having profound interest in occult science, Suman Mukherjee is a professional & into corporate world with rich experience across various manufacturing industries. Suman Mukherjee is taking online classes on different aspects of Astrology.His engineering ( with management) background and practical approach took him to research and study of Tajika, Prashna Kundali, Jaimini & KP system. Having mastered the various branches of Astrology, he had established himself as an adept and proficient astrologer. He is a visionary and a philanthropist who has made a lasting impact upon the lives of innumerable people.

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+91 91761 24211

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Acharya Suman Mukherjee remedies and tips are really too good.Its changed my whole life a lot,His remedies are easy and100% results oriented.Lucky to have his guidance in my life.He has very good knowledge of palmistry and astrology.Things told by him are very much true.I m obeying all his tips and getting very good results, Highly recommended to all of you.
Jai Shree Krishna

Romsha Tanwani - Astrologer

I feel very fortunate that my path crossed with Suman Sir. He is one of the go to person for the advice whether it's future or present. He explain everything with logic behind which is the best part.
He has indepth knowledge on astrology his predictions are speechless and remedies are very easy to apply. I recommend whoever belive or not belive in astrology, you just talk with Suman sir and you will be surprised for sure, you will get positivity and solution for your problems and you will be beliver. Thank you sir for helping me all along.🙏

Ishawar Chaudhary (TCS – Consultant) - Astrologer

Suman has been more than an astrologer for me.an excellent astrologer a wonderful advisor and a wonderful guide..who has always suggested,guided and helped me sail thru tough times and be ready to welcome the blessings of the almighty.his predictions are too exact and his remedies too practicle and simple.i wish him gud luck and may he always b blessed by krishna

Ritu Kashyap - Astrologer

I was impressed by the accuracy of my detailed reading and appreciated how quickly I received it. Pt. Suman Mukherjee always gave logical analysis and reason behind the predictions he did. I have hugely benefitted out of the consultation. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking additional insight into their life circumstances and path. He has tremendous talent in this field!!

Rajeev Bisariya ( Global Supply Chain Head ) - Astrologer

Thanks for your excellent and exhaustive analysis and detailed response to all my questions. I found your analysis to be extremely insightful. It helps building up my confidence and guides me to right direction. I am thankful to Suman for his great assistance and detailed reading.

Vishal Sharma ( Managing Partner, ECOO Global Advisors ) - Astrologer

His predictions are always accurate and to the point.he can actually tell why something happened in your life and also what you can expect from your life in future.

Simanti ( Clinical application specialist for Philips healthcare ) - Astrologer