Indian Vedic Palmistry is a science of hand reading that predicts the past, present & future of human beings.
Palmistry is an ancient which has various systems of interpretation. It’s intuitive in nature & an innate part of Vedic astrology

Quick glance to the Palmistry course details

  1. Classes are held on Working Days / Weekends (depending on the availability ). For overseas students evening /night classes are conducted.
  2. Normal Duration and timings of classes would be for 2 hours, with accord to your flexible Timings ( flexible only in personal classes).
  3. Mode of training is ONLINE  .
  4. Medium of Instruction would be in both the languages English/ Hindi as per the convenience of the student(s)
  5. Admission Qualifications – Students should be able to understand simple English/ Hindi. Education no bar . 
  • Basic study of Mounts
  • Position of Planets
  • Study of Lines
  • Study of mountains in Palm
  • Study of Heart Line
  • Study of Fate Line
  • Study of Marriage Line
  • Study of Children Line
  • Study of Sun Line
  • Study of Mercury Line
  • Study of Mars Line
  • Study of Foreign Line
  • Study of various Special YOGAS
  • Study of Cross
  • Study of Circles
  • Study of Triangle
  • Study of Rectangle
  • Study of Square
  • Study of Mole