Indian Vedic Palmistry is a science of hand reading that predicts the past, present & future of human beings.
Palmistry is an ancient which has various systems of interpretation. It’s intuitive in nature & an innate part of Vedic astrology.

Quick glance to the Palmistry course details :

1. Classes are held on Working Days / Weekends (depending on the availability ). For overseas students evening /night classes are conducted .

2. Normal Duration and timings of classes would be for 2 hours, with accord to your flexible Timings ( flexible only in personal classes).

3. Mode of training is ONLINE .

4. Medium of Instruction would be in both the languages English/ Hindi as per the convenience of the student(s)

5. Admission Qualifications – Students should be able to understand simple English/ Hindi. Education no bar .

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Basic study of Mounts
Position of Planets
Study of Lines
Study of mountains in Palm
Study of Heart Line
Study of Fate Line
Study of Marriage Line
Study of Children Line
Study of Sun Line
Study of Mercury Line
Study of Mars Line
Study of Foreign Line
Study of various Special YOGAS
Study of Symbols : Study of Cross, Circles, Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Mole
Timing Of Events : Love, Marriage, Separation, Education, Medical Palmistry