KP Astrology

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KP Astrology

KP Astrology offers knowledge and an opportunity to experience the concepts of Astrology as propounded by the Krishnamurti Paddhati which . It is considered to be most accurate in the present time. This was invented by Hon. guruji late Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthy who is considered to be one of the most famous Astrologer of all time. This method uses the basic principle of Vedic Astrology but analyses & pinpoints the events based on various Nakshatras & its sub lords & hence there are less chances of errors in predicting events & their fructifications.

Quick glance to the Astrology course details:

1. The Duration of the courses depend upon whether it’s Basic or Advance. However learning is NOT merely restricted to the time span.

2. Classes are starting every month.

3. Classes are held on Working Days / Weekends (depending on the availability ). For overseas students evening /night classes are conducted .

4. Normal Duration and timings of classes would be for 2 hours, with accord to your Flexible Timings ( flexible only in personal classes).

5. Mode of training is ONLINE only as of now .

6. Medium of Instruction would be in both the languages English/ Hindi as per the convenience of the student(s)

7. Admission Qualifications – Students should be able to understand simple English/ Hindi. Education no bar . However students should be preferably familiar with basic mathematical calculations.

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Marriage : Match making, Arrange marriage, Love marriage, Re-marriage & Divorce
Education : Education & Higher Education, Stream, Grading Success & Line of Education
Career & Profession : Suitable Career with Job & Business. Ups & Down. Promotion, termination, timing of getting a new job
Childbirth : Complete Tasks related with Child birth
Litigations : Types & scale of Litigation. Arrest, Bail, Kidnapping, Home-arrest, Murder etc.
Vehicle & Property : Complete Tasks related with Child birth
Travel & Foreign Settlement
Health ( Medical Astrology ) : Diagnose, Surgeries & Calculations
Longevity : Concept as per Nadi Nakshatra
Transits : Calculations with Dasha system & Accurate Prediction Delivery
Horary : Accurate Prashna kundali answer
BTR – Birth Time Rectification
Remedies : As per current place, time & person.
Gem stone : a) How to select the right one, (b) How to wear it, (c) Significance